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Fire Retardant Embroidery Bobbins

Our spun Nomex™ fire retardant embroidery bobbins look and perform similar to regular embroidery bobbins, but Nomex™ does not melt and only decomposes at 700ºF (371ºC). Use them for as a bottom stitch for embroidering names and logos on fire retardant clothing gear used by first responders and others who need protection from fire and heat. The bobbins are style L, and come in natural white.

Fire Retardant Thread Information



Code Name Image Price In Stock  
BOBL027WHIN005FRB Bobbins - Style L - 40 Wt - White (Fil-Tec) - Spun Nomex - Fire Retardant - Pack of 5 $15.00 1
BOBL027WHIN020FRJ Bobbins - Style L - 40 Wt - White (Fil-Tec) - Spun Nomex - Fire Retardant - Jar of 20 $40.00 9

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