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Embroidery Thread and Accessories

Embroidery Thread and Accessories

Buy 10 or more spools - Save $0.50 a spool at checkout - All embroidery products

TTE Robison-Anton Store

All Colors - All Sizes

Backings and Stabilizes

Retail and Commercial

Monofilament Thread

Monofilament thread canisters and spools

Spools - Canisters - Cases


Marathon black and white embroidery thread.

Black and White Kings $6

Embroidery Bobbins

Bobbins and Bobbin Thread

Styles A, L, and M

Half-Price Closeouts


Madeira embroidery thread
King Spools $6 - 50 Colors

ARC Rayon

ARC rayon embroidery thread
King Spools $2.75 - 200 Colors


Fufu embroidery thread
Kings $6 - Only 2 Colors Left


Polyester Kings $6 - 25 Colors

Valdani Cotton

Valdani cotton on closeout
2009 Prices - 35Wt - 50Wt


Polyester Kings $6 - 9 Colors

Metallic Thread

Metallic Embroidery Thread
5000-Yards $24 - 15 Colors

Variegated Thread

Variegated embroidery thread
3000-Yards $6 - 25 Colors

Two-Tone Tweed Thread

Tweed or two tone embroidery thread
2750-Yards $6.50 - 15 Colors

Mini-King Spools

Mini King Spools
1100-Yards $1.50 - 15 Colors



Multi-brand Kings $3

30Wt and 40Wt - 300 Colors

Multi-brand Cases $12

30Wt and 40Wt - 150 Colors
Grab Bags - Save 50%
Each Bag Is Unique
Thread Cone Holder
Thread cone holder or adapter
Use Kings With Any Machine
Thread Sock
Thread Sock or Thread Net
Polyester Kings $6 - 9 Colors

The Thread Exchange
291A Merrimon Avenue Weaverville, NC 28787