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Embroidery Thread and Accessories

We sell the embroidery thread and accessories that are hard to find in stores. We are best known for our embroidery king spool closeouts priced from $3 to $6, and our deals where grab bags and cases sell at deeply discounted prices.

More Choices

Embroidery Thread and Supplies


ARC Rayon





New - Stabilizers &  Backings

Madeira embroidery thread

ARC rayon embroidery thread

Fufu embroidery thread

Marathon black and white embroidery thread.

Madeira rayon and polyester are strong, glossy embroidery threads. Available in 48 colors for $6.00 a spool.

ARC rayon (a.k.a. Melco) is a sturdy, glossy thread designed for high-speed machine embroidering. Available in 250 colors at $3.75 a spool $2.75 a spool

Fufu polyester is a high sheen thread that can be laundered forever because it is very colorfast. Available in 7 colors for $6.00 a spool.

Marathon rayon and polyester are our flagship black and white thread that we regularly stock. $6.00 a spool.

Sylko polyester is a strong, medium-luster embroidery thread. Available in 25 colors for $6.00 a spool.

Peacock polyester is a strong, glossy thread similar to Madeira. Available in 9 colors for $6.00 a spool.

New - A full line of tearaway, washaway, cutaway, and water soluble stabilizers, backings, and toppings. Available in retail and commercial sizes.


Mini-King Spools

Grab Bags

Metallic Thread

Variegated Thread

Tweed Thread

Mini King Spools

Metallic Embroidery Thread

Variegated embroidery thread

Tweed or two tone embroidery thread

Our multi-brand King Spool features Salus, Ameth, Royal, Reflex, and TriStar embroidery thread. Single spools are $3.00 and cases of 12 are $12.00

A collection of mini-king spools will 1,100 yards (1,000 meters) of embroidery thread. Available in 20 colors for $1.50

Grab bags are a money-saving way to build a thread stash. You always know the kind of thread you are buying, but you never know the colors.

Metallic embroidery thread to put finishing touches on embroidery and decorating garments. Available in 500 yard and 5,000 putups.

Adds interest to your embroidery by changing color as you sew. Available in 20 colors for $6.00 a king spool.

Gives embroidery a textured look by blending two carefully selected thread colors. Available in 15 colors for $6.00 a king spool.



Valdani Closeout

Bobbins and Bobbin Thread

Thread Cone Holder

Thread Sock


Monofilament thread canisters and spools

Valdani cotton on closeout

Bobbins and Bobbin Thread

Thread cone holder or adapter

Thread Sock or Thread Net


Nylon monofilament thread in clear and smoke. Available on king spools, canister refills, and cases of canister refills.

Valdani pearl cotton and 35 and 50 cotton solids and variegates. We are closing out this line so selection is limited. Everything is at 2009 prices.

Style A and Style L embroidery bobbins many are half priced. Also, black and white bobbin thread.

Use economical king spools with machines that do not have the right type of spindle.

Use thread netting to stop your thread from puddling.



The Thread Exchange
291A Merrimon Avenue Weaverville, NC 28787