Businesses save 10 to 20% off single-spool prices. Cases range from 8 to 32 spools
Our in stock cases normally ship on the same business day; drop ship cases ship in one to fifteen business days depending on the thread and our supplier.

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Code Color Description
Nylon-Thread-Cases-Drop-A&E Drop Ship - Nylon Thread Cases - A&E - Size 69 / Tex 70 / Govt E
Save 10% on over 100 colors of A&E ten-spool cases. Cases normally ship in 1 to 10 business days
Nylon-Thread-Cases-Drop-Fil-Tec Drop Ship - Fil-Tec Black, White, and Colors
Save 20% on Fil-Tec black, white, and colored nylon. Each case is 32 pounds and normally drop ships two to ten business days.
Nylon-Thread-Cases-Stock In Stock - Black, White and Colors
Save 10 to 20% on in stock black, white, and colored Nylon. Cases range from 8 to 32 spools. Normally ship the same business day.
Nylon-Thread-Cases-Stock-Black-and-White In Stock - Black and White
Save 10% of 8-spool cases of black and white nylon from Fil-Tec and Service Thread. Cases normally ship on the same business Day.