Kevlar Thread Sizes

More Kevlar Thread

Metal Core  Kevlar

Kevlar thread with a hair-thin metal core for added strength. Approximately Size 92 / Tex 80. Strength is unknown.

Tex 16 - Monocord

Hair-thin, single filament thread used for fine sewing and reinforcing tiny objects.

Tex 105 - Soft

This thread comes on 1-pound tubes, is about 15% thicker than Size 92, has 40 pound strength, and is soft.

Tex 300 - Yellow

Tex 300 bonded Kevlar or 10% heavier than U.S. Size 277. Tensile strength is 84 pounds. 25% off sizes we regularly stock.

Tex 300 - Black

Hard to find Tex 300, bonded, black, filament Kevlar. About 10% thicker than U.S. Size 277 with an 84 pound tensile strength.

Half-Price Kevlar

Kevlar thread in various sizes priced at half our regular prices. This thread is not recommended for machine sewing.

Magicians Kevlar
Black Kevlar yarn that magicians split into hair-thin filaments for levitation illusions
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Related Products 

Fire Retardant Sewing Thread

Spun Kevlar and Nomex used for sewing and attaching patches. Feels like cotton.

FR Embroidery Thread and Bobbins

Nomex thread and bobbins that look and sew like embroidery thread. Use for patches and emblems.

Filament Nomex

Closeout. Mostly white and green tint. Alternative to FR sewing thread.

Filament Kevlar

Stronger than sewing thread and more fire retardant. Only comes in yellow.

Thread Sock

 Astre Net (Thread Sock) - Expandable Netting - Yellow - By The Yard
Thread Sock, is a netting that helps to prevent thread from puddling or 'bird-nesting' on the bottom of the spool. It is not fire retardant, but, is great for storage.

Hand Stitching Tubes

These tubes have about 100 yards of thread and come in many sizes and colors. Available in nylon, polyester, and Kevlar.


Machine needles in a wide variety of systems and sizes.

Cotton Thread

American Colors - Robison-Anton Polyester Embroidery Thread - 3 Mini Spools for $4
Cotton thread as a lower heat resistance. It chars, but it does not melt.