All Kevlar and Fire Retardant

New ! Groz-Beckert Needles for  Commercial Machines and Home Machines

Code Color Description
fire-retardant-sewing-thread Fire Retardant Sewing Thread
Looks like cotton thread. Actually Nomex or Kevlar wrapped in cotton. Does not melt. Decomposes at 700F.
fire-retardant-embroidery-thread Fire Retardant Embroidery Thread
Looks like embroidery thread. Made from Nomex. Does not melt. Decomposes at 700F - 500 and 3000 yard spools
Fire-Retardant-Embroidery-Bobbins Fire Retardant Embroidery Bobbins
Nomex embroidery bobbins, style L, Tex 27. Does not melt. Decomposes at 700F
nomex-thread Nomex Thread
Smooth, shiny Nomex thread. Chars at 600F and decomposes at 700F. Does not melt
Kevlar-Thread Kevlar Thread
Strongest commercial thread. Almost no stretch. Fire retardant to 800F