Our embroidery, quilting, and sewing selections include Robison-Anton, Aurifil, Maxi-Lock, Excell, Monofilament, YLI Woolly Nylon, YLI Silk, and all Groz-Beckert needles
We have expanded our embroidering, quilting, and sewing thread selections. They now include Aurifil Cotton, Maxi-Lock and A&E Excell all purpose and serger thread, YLI wooly nylon, and YLI silk. Of course, we still have the Robison-Anton Store, all Groz-Beckert needles,  A&E Monofilament thread in nine sizes, Fil-Tec bobbins and bobbin thread, and Llovet stabilizers and backings.
Robison-Anton Store - All products - All colors - Mini's, Kings, Cases

Aurifil Cotton - 100% Egyptian Mako cotton - All colors - Large spools and Cones
Maxi-Lock - All purpose spun polyester sewing and serger thread. - 76 colors including hard to find neon shades - 3000-yard cone $4.25.
A&E Excell - All purpose spun polyester sewing and serger thread - Same as Maxi-Lock - 24 colors - 6000-yard cone $7.96.
YLI Woolly Nylon - Stretchy nylon for knits, activewear, decorative edges - 24 colors - 1000-meter / 1094-yard spool $6.39
YLI Silk Thread - Hair-thin thread for quilting, applique, and binding - 200-yard spools $6.35.
Monofilament Thread - Clear and smoke - Spools, canister refills, cases save 15%.
Groz-Beckert Machine Needles - All styles, points, and sizes - Needle / thread size chart - Needle styles for 10,000 machines.
Bobbins and Bobbin Thread - Featuring Fil-Tec Magna Glide Bobbins
Basic Black and White - Fil-Tec black and white 40-weight embroidery thread - Minis for $4.30 and Kings for $7.45.
Llovet Stabilizers and Backings - A great selection of Llovet stabilizers and backings in retail and commercial sizes.
Hand Sewing Needles - Hand sewing needle assortments from C.S. Osborne and others.
Thread Cone Holder - Use economical king spools with any machine