Nomex embroidery bobbins, style L, Tex 27. Does not melt. Decomposes at 700F
fire retardant thread Use spun Nomex(tm) fire retardant bobbins for sewing or embroidering clothing for first responders, motor sports participants, and others who need protection from fire and heat. All bobbins are style L. Meets NFPA standards: 1975-1999, 1971-1997, 1976-1992, and 1977-1998.

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FRB027WHIN005FRB Fire Retardant Embroidery Bobbins - Style L - 40 Wt - Dull White (Fil-Tec) - Spun Nomex - Pack of 5 White Color Chip $13.90 14
FRB045NATL144K Bobbins - Style L - Tex 45 - Natural - Kevlar - Spun - Pack of 5 Natural Yellow Color Chip $15.25 209