Our most popular outdoor, hunting, and survival kit threads in one place. Featuring small nylon, polyester, and Kevlar spools for casual sewing and survival kits. high-visibility thread for safety, super strong bank line and waxed cord, and hand sewing needle packs.

Small Spools

Nylon - Small Spools  

Nylon thread on 2 and 4 ounce spools for $11 or less. Available in sizes 46,  69,  92,  138,   207 & Up.

Polyester - Small Spools

Polyester thread on 2 and 4 ounce spools for $11 or less. Better sunlight and mildew resistance. Available in sizes 46,  69,  92,  207 & Up

Kevlar - Small Spools 

Super strong Kevlar thread on low cost small spools, bobbins, tubes, and hanks. Spools are 2 ounces or less.

Spun Polyester - Mini's

Robison-Anton spun polyester sewing thread on 700-yard mini spools. Use for garment sewing and repair. $1.50 each.

Fire Retardant - Small Spools

Fire retardant (700F) spun Nomex and Kevlar on low cost spools that are 2 ounces or less.

High Visibility Thread  

High visibility neon and florescent thread. Available in Nylon,  Polyester,  Embroidery, and Robison-Anton Moonglow.

Hand Sewing    

Hand Sewing Tubes

50 to 100-yards of thread on tubes designed for hand sewing. Available in Nylon ($5),  Polyester ($5),  and Kevlar ($8).

Loose Bobbins

Use sewing machine bobbins for hand sewing. We have loose bobbins in nylon, polyester, and Kevlar at great prices. Also, Half-Price Bobbins in battered boxes.

Waxed Thread Coils

Heavyweight waxed nylon thread on inexpensive, quarter-sized coils. Size 277 has 24 yards; Size 415 has 12 yards.

Waxed Cords 

Heavyweight Ludlow waxed cords. 24-cord bundles for $2 and $3.

Artificial Sinew Tubes

Flat artificial / Imitation sinew. Large rolls $15.25, 17-yard tubes $5.25, 10-tube sampler $42.

Bank Line

Bank Line for netting, survival packs, snares, hand sewing. Sampler box $42. Single spools start at $5.

Leather Lacing

Half-price flat deerskin and round leather lacing. 

Hand Sewing Needles

C.S.. Osborne hand sewing kits for upholstery, leather, canvas, carpet, and repairs.