Our Quilting page features Aurifil 100% Egyptian cotton, Valdani cotton at half price, all Groz-Beckert needles, monofilament thread, and Robison-Anton embroidery thread

Aurifil 100% Egyptian Mako Cotton

Aurifil 40-Weight Large Spools  

Aurifil 40-weight cotton on large spools

Aurifil 40-weight cotton on 1000 meter / 1094 yard spools. 270 colors - $9.95

Aurifil 40-Weight Cones  

Aurifil 40-weight cotton on economical large cones

Aurifil 40-weight cotton on 4700 meter / 5140 yard cones. 270 colors - $39.95

Aurifil 50 Weight Large Spools  

Aurifil 50 weight cotton on large spools

Aurifil 50-weight on 1300 meter / 1422 yard large cones. 270 colors - $9.95

Aurifil 50 Weight Cones  

Aurifil 50 weight cones

Aurifil 50-weight cotton on 5900 meter / 6452 yard cones. 270 colors - $39.95

Aurifil 40 Weight / 3 Ply Cones

Aurifil Forty3, 40-weight / 3-ply cones for high speed longarm quilting

Aurifil Forty3 - A 40 weight / 3 ply cotton designed for high speed Longarm quilting machines. 3000 meter / 3280 yard cones in 50 colors - $39.95

Aurifil Color Card - $27.05

Aurifill Color Card

Aurifil color card special. Regular price $49.00, our price $27.05

Valdani Cotton - Half Price Closeout


35 Wt Solids

Valdani 35 weight solid cotton thread

35 Wt Variegated

Valdani 35 weight variegated cotton thread

50 Wt Solids

Valdani 50 weight solid cotton thread

50 Wt Variegated

Valdani 50 weight variegated cotton thread

Pearl Cotton

Valdani Pearl Cotton



Groz-Beckert Machine Needles

All Groz-Beckert machine needles. Home Machine Needles,  Machine Embroidery Needles.

Monofilament Thread

Monofilament thread thread in clear and smoke. All sizes. Small spools, canister refills, and canister cases that save 15%.

Robison-Anton Spun Polyester

Robison-Anton spun polyester sewing thread on 700-yard mini spools. Use for garment sewing and repair. $1.50 each.

Bobbins and Bobbin Thread

Style L bobbins for home machines and low cost bobbin thread for those who wind their own bobbins.

The Robison-Anton Store  

Our top-of-the-line embroidery thread. All colors / all sizes. Polyester, Rayon, Metallic,  Moonglow,  Variegated,  Twister Tweed.

Basic Black and White

Fil-Tec and Marathon black and white embroidery thread. Mini spools for $4; King spools for $7.

$3 Embroidery King Spools

Embroidery king spools, rayon and polyester for $3. Over 100 colors. 30 Weight Rayon,  40 Weight Rayon,  Cases of 12 for $12

$2 Schiffli Thread

30 weight thread for giant embroidery machines now repurposed for hand embroidery and quilting. Single spools for $2; 20 spools of the same color $15.

$5 A&E Signature Polyester 

A&E Signature Polyester embroidery thread on 5500-yard king spools for $5 a spool. About 40 colors in stock.

Variegated Thread Deals

Variegated rayon embroidery thread. Peacock 3,300-yard king spools for $4; giant 25,000 cones for $10.

Hand Sewing Needles

C.S. Osborne needles for hand sewing, fabrics, darning, chenille, and tapestry.

Thread Sock / Netting

Stop thread puddling by wrapping spools in reusable thread sock. White netting $2.00 a yard; yellow netting $1.50 a yard.

Thread Cone Holder

Our thread cone adapter lets you use money-saving king spools with any sewing machine.