Huge selection of nylon and polyester upholstery thread for cars and motorcycles.Also, Groz-Beckert needles, friction reducing monocord thread, 100-yard hand sewing thread tubes, and C.S. Osborne needles. Use Robison-Anton and 30-Weight rayon for embroidering upholstery

We have the thread you need for all kinds of auto and motorcycle upholstery, sewing, and embroidery projects:

  • Machine sewing - Our regular nylon and polyester thread comes in all sizes with 100's of colors. We also have prewound bobbins and all Groz-Beckert machine needles.

  • Hand and sewing awl - Our nylon and polyester is available on small spools for about $11 and 100-yard hand sewing tubes for about $5. We also have C. S. Osborne hand sewing needles.

  • Leather embroidery - We recommend Robison-Anton embroidery thread for tight patterns and 30-Weight rayon for embroidering large areas.

Thread, Bobbins, and Needles
Nylon Thread for Upholstery Nylon Thread - Nylon is the most popular thread for auto upholstery because it is strong, inexpensive, and easy to sew. We have all nylon thread sizes and 100's of colors. Our thread comes on 4-Oz spools for small jobs; 16-Oz spools for commercial sewers; and cases that save 10%
Polyester Thread for Upholstery Polyester Thread - Polyester looks, feels and sews like nylon. It recommended for motorcycle seats and accessories and convertible tops because of its sunlight (UV) and mildew resistance. We have polyester in all sizes and many colors. 4-Oz, 16-Oz, and cases are available.
Prewound Bobbins - If you sew a lot, prewound bobbins let you work faster by skipping the hassle of winding bobbins from your topstich thread. Home machines use styles "A" and "L"; commercial machines use styles "G" and "M", and heavy duty machines use styles "M" and "U". Download our free Prewound Bobbin Style Guide to identify a bobbin's style from its height and diameter.
Groz-Beckert Needles for Upholstery Groz-Beckert Needles - We sell all Groz-Beckert needles. Be sure to use cloth point needles with fabric and leather point needles with leather. Our Needle Buying Guide shows the needle points used for leather and the type of stitches they make.
Hand stitching thread for upholstery Hand Stitching Thread - Most of our nylon and polyester threads are available on 100-yard tubes for about $5. These tubes are ideal for hand sewing and speedy stitcher awls.
Hand sewing needles for upholstery Hand Sewing Needles - We have C. S. Osborne hand sewing needle packs.
Embroidered Upholstery - When stitching patterns on leather isn't enough, you can embroider more intricate designs. We recommend Robison-Anton 40-weight polyester and rayon for most designs. If you are embroidering large areas, our heavier 30-Weight Rayon is a better choice because its stronger and sews faster.

Thread Strength (Pounds.) and Diameter (Inches)

Size Nylon Polyester Waxed
Thin 3 .0064 2 .0059    
46 8 .0094 7 .0080    
69 11 .0015 11 .0107    
92 15 .0133 15 .0124    
138 22 .0163 21 .0152    
207 32 .0200 31 .0186 31 .0200
277 45 0.231 44 .0251 45 .0250
346 52 0.258 53 .0258    
410 73 0.283 73 0.282 72 .0300
554 83 0.286 90 .0330 83 .0500

About Thread, Needle and Bobbin Sizes

If you are sewing seams the thread's thickness depends on the material's thickness. An undersized thread can result in stitches breaking; an oversized thread leads to situations where the leather rips at the seams. Here are some guidelines

  • Use size 46 and 69 for lightweight interior fabrics and leathers. You an use either a home or commercial machine.

  • Use size 92 and 138 for middleweight fabrics and leathers used with car and bike seats. You need a commercial sewing machine for this kind of work

  • Use sizes 207 and higher for things like high-end seats and dashboards. You need a heavy duty ( e.g. walking foot) machine push the thread through the leather.

With decorative stitching look is everything - you want the stitching to be the focal point and thread strength does not matter. As a rule, decorative stitching thread can be one size heavier than thread used to sew seams. For example, if you use sizes 46 or 69 for seams you can use sizes 69 or 92 for decorative stitching.  Here are other ways to make your stitches pop:

  • Use contrasting leather / fabric and thread colors.

  • Use large stitches.

  • Use multiple, closely spaced rows of small stitches.

Bobbins - Your bobbin thread should be one size smaller than your topstitch thread. For example, if your topstitch thread is size 138 your bobbin thread should be size 92.


Needle and Thread Size - Needle size increases as thread size increases. Our Needle and Thread Size Chart shows needle sizes for different kinds of thread and thread thicknesses.