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We sell nylon, polyester, Kevlar, bobbins, monofilament, bag closing, and polypropylene thread. Use these industrial threads to sew strong, long lasting seams in fabric, leather, canvas and other materials. We sell to retail and business customers in sizes ranging from 2-ounce spools to 32-pound cases.

New ! Groz-Beckert Needles for  Commercial Machines and Home Machines

Code Color Description
Nylon-Thread Nylon Thread
Strong, inexpensive, easy to use. Sew almost anything.
polyester-thread Polyester Thread
Looks, feels, and sews like nylon. Better sunlight (uv) and mildew resistance.
Prewound-Bobbins Bobbins
Bobbin styles A, G, L, M, and U. Over 100 half-price selections. Free bobbin style template guide.
Monofilament-Thread Monofilament Thread
Monofilament thread in ten sizes - Spools, canisters, and 15%-off cases.
Bag-Closing-Store Bag Closing Store
FDA compliant bag closing thread, Contractor Series Portable Bag Closer, Needles
Polypropylene-Thread Polypropylene Thread
All Polypropylene Thread