Our Size 277 / Tex 270 (and higher) heavyweight nylon thread specials save up to 50%. Most are overstock closeouts; always top quality. Use heavyweight nylon thread for sewing conveyor belts, heavy duty taupaulins and covers, holsters, sheaths, belts, and shoe repair.
Save up to 50 % on nylon thread in sizes 277 and higher. Here are some terms used when shopping our nylon thread specials. More information can also be found in our Nylon Thread Buying Guide
Bonded - a protective coating on nylon thread to resist against fraying, needle friction and heat when it is sewn at higher speeds.
Soft - A nylon thread that is not bonded. It is suitable for sewing at slower speeds and home sewing Right Twist - This is widely known an S-Twist, and often a Reverse Twist. It is more commonly used in double needle machines. It is not suitable for almost all single needle machines, because the thread will unravel. All of our thread is in the standard Left (Z) twist direction unless otherwise noted. Monocord - A single ply of nylon thread that is not sensitive to machine twist direction. Non Wicking - Non wicking thread is treated to prevent water absorption.
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BNL415GRES16Sc Soft (non-bonded) Nylon - Size 415 - Sage Green (Coats) - Nominal 16 Oz Spool - 1050 Yds Sage Green Color Chip $15.29 80
BNL415GRES16Scx05 Soft (non-bonded) Nylon - Size 415 - Sage Green (Coats) - Nominal 16 Oz Spl - Case of 5 Sage Green Color Chip $68.69 4