Mixed nylon and polyester for $12 a pound. Black and white. Some spools are grimy.
This thread came to us in giant cartons called gaylords. It had no labeling, was unwrapped, and the outer layers of some spools were grimy. We have taken the best of this thread, identified its thickness, bagged, and labeled. Unfortunately, it is too time consuming and slightly dangerous to tell if its nylon or polyester. Instead, we are selling it at half-price.

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Code Description Image Price Stock  
GNPBOXBLAC16g Nylon or Polyester - Estimated Size 138 to 346 - Box of 8 - Nominal 32 Oz Spools $50.00 20
GNP138WHIT12 Nylon or Polyester - Size 138 - White - Nominal 12 Oz Spool $9.00 1