Assorted selection of baler twine, house twine, Kevlar, and polyester yarn.
assorted string Binder / Baler twine is used by Farmers to bind sheaves of grain and bales of hay. Others use it for everything from landscaping to macrame. Its tensile strength is about 125 pounds. Many twist or braid it extra strength. We sell binder twine on 2 ounce and 2 pound tubes.
Heavy duty polyester house twine is used when strength is important. Its break strength is over 350 pounds.
We also have some heavy-duty filament yarns made of various materials.
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Nomex - Size 1200 - Olive Green - Yarn ( 10 Ends ) - Tube - 12 Oz - Clearance

Yarn - Clearance - Price Reduced

Olive Green 10-End Tube $33.25 29