Llovet embroidery stabilizer / backing - Tearaway, Tearaway / Washaway, Cutaway, and Water Soluble.
We have a full line of Llovet backings and stabilizers - They come in retail and commercial packages and rolls.

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Code Color Description
BAC1525 1525 - Tearaway - General Use - 1.5 Oz
Use for: aprons; leather jackets; sweats; t-shirts; blouses; coat linings; felts; shorts; socks; ties ; tote bags; webbing, and belting.
BAC2020 2020 - Tearaway / Washaway - 2 Oz
Used for: aprons; baby bibs; bandanas; blankets; caps; coat linings; duffle bags; felts; fleecewear; golf shirts; jackets; karate belts; leather; suede; vinyl; scarves; sheets; pillowcases; shirts; shorts; swimsuits; tablecloths; napkins; placemats; ties; towels; t-shirts; and umbrellas.
BAC3020 3020 Tearaway - Caps - 3 Oz
Used for caps and hats
BAC6510 Water Soluble Topping
Use for monogramming, quilting, bridging, 3-D work, computerized embroidering, applicque, edges, heirloom sewing, thread sketching, lace work, buttonholes, cut work, and serging.
BAC8820 8820 - Cutaway - Soft-n-Stable - 2 Oz
Use for: knit caps; heavy fleecewear; light golf shirts; nylon jackets and windbreakers; and turtleneck shirts.
BAC8825 8825 - Cutaway - Soft-n-Stable - 2.5 Oz
Use for double knits; light, medium and promotional fleecewear; golf shirts; satin and wool jackets; and Shetland sweaters.
BAC8830 8830 - Cutaway - Soft-n-Stable - 3 Oz
Use for: Loose and pique golf shirts; high-density stitching designs, and Shetland sweaters.
BAC9925 9925 - Cutaway - StitchBacker - 2.5 Oz
Use for sweats and t-shirts; double knits; fleecewear; golf shirts; satin and wool jackets; and sweaters.
BAC9930 9930 - Cutaway - StitchBacker - 3 Oz
Use for: high-density stitching designs; and Shetland sweaters.
Code Description Image Price Stock  
STA00WHIT8506 Stabilizer - Cut Off - Medium Light Weight - Perforated Roll - 100 - 8.5" X 6" Squares $10.00 129
STA09BLAC1208 Stabilizer - Sulky - Totally Stable - Black - 8" x 12 Yards $6.00 13