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Industrial Thread

Nylon Thread

Nylon thread is a great choice for sewing fabric, leather, canvas, and vinyl.

Polyester Thread

Polyester thread looks, feels and sews like nylon thread, but it is more UV resistant.

Industrial Bobbins

Bobbins save time for serious sewing. Buying the right bobbin comes down to knowing your machine's bobbin style.

Monofilament Thread

Also called Invisible Nylon. Use 'clear' with light colors, and 'smoke' with dark colors.

Bag Closing Supplies

FDA compliant bag closing thread, Contractor Series Portable Bag Closer, Needles.

More Industrial Thread

UVR Monocord Nylon Thread, Polypropylene Thread, and Dononit Low Temperature Filtration Thread.

Embroidering, Quilting and Sewing

The Robison-Anton Store

Robison-Anton is our flagship embroidery thread. We have over 1,000 colors in mini spools, king spools, and cases.

Embroidery Thread Specials

Embroidery thread on king spools. Over 200 colors - Mixed brands - 30 and 40-Weight. Cover more surface area in less time with 30 weight.

Bobbins - Bobbin Thread - Stabilizers

Bobbins, Bobbin Thread, Stabilizers and Backings, Needles.

Sewing and Quilting

All Purpose Spun Polyester Thread - Cotton Thread - Silk Thread

Kevlar (TM) Thread -
Fire Retardant Thread

Kevlar Thread

Bonded & Soft - Natural Yellow Color.

Fire Retardant Thread  

Available in colors for sewing and embroidery.

Waxed Thread, Artificial Sinew, and String
Waxed Thread
Waxing makes thread stiffer, stronger, and more water repellent. We have 70-yard tubes in 6 sizes and 36 colors and much more.
Artificial Sinew
Use artificial sinew for crafts projects that need a strong, flat, colorful thread or cord.
String - Twine - Non-Waxed Thread
1 mm hemp twine in 24 colors, Irish polyester-linen thread, Bank Line, and hand stitching thread.
Groz-Beckert Needles
Groz-Beckert Needles
Needle System: Systems define which machines can use which needle. This is usually determined by the shank diameter that will fit in to your needle bar, along with other variables.
Needle Size: The right size needle for the right size thread
Needle Tip (Point): Most needle systems have needles with several kinds of points. The "right" point depends on the material you are sewing and the way you want stitches to look.