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Waxed Thread

Waxed Thread - The Thread Exchange

Stronger, longer lasting, water tight. Many thicknesses over 40 colors. Select

Artificial Sinew - Waxed

Artificial Sinew - The Thread Exchange

Flat artificial / imitation sinew in 25 colors, 1/16 inch wide, easy to split, small tubes and large rolls. Select

Hand Stitching Thread (non-waxed)

Hand Stitching Thread (non-waxed) - The Thread Exchange

Use tubes of non-waxed nylon, polyester, and Kevlar thread for hand sewing. Select

Polyester-Linen Thread

Polyester-Linen Thread - The Thread Exchange

Irish polyester-linen blend thread from Henry Campbell & Co. Middleweight, use for fine leather and upholstery. Select

Leather Lace

Deerskin Lace, and Round Leather Lace - The Thread Exchange

Deerskin lace, and round leather lace. Select

Bank Line

Bank Line - The Thread Exchange

Bank line is a polypropylene twine that is similar to tennis netting. Use for netting, knotting, outdoor survival packs, snares, whipping, bushcraft, hand sewing, lashing, and beading. Select

String, Twine, and Heavy Duty Yarn

String, Twine, and Heavy Duty Yarn - The Thread Exchange

Assorted selection of bailer twine, house twine, Kevlar, and polyester yarn. Select


Beeswax - The Thread Exchange

Use beeswax to make any thread a waxed thread. Select

Thread Sock

Thread Sock - The Thread Exchange

Thread Sock, is a netting that helps to prevent thread from puddling or 'bird-nesting' on the bottom of the spool. It is also great for storage, and decorative netting. Select