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New ! All Groz-Beckert Machine Needles and C.S. Osborne Hand Sewing Needle Kits


Waxed Thread

Waxing makes thread stiffer, stronger, and more water repellant. We have 70-yard tubes in sizes 207,  415,  and 554 in 25 colors and much more.

Artificial / Imitation Sinew

U.S. made artificial sinew in 25 colors. Our sinew is waxed, flat, 1/16th inch wide, and easily split into narrower strips. Comes in 265-yard rolls and 17-yard tubes.

Hand Stitching Thread

Our regular nylon, polyester, and Kevlar thread on 100-yard tubes designed for hand sewing. Nylon and polyester are $5 each; Kevlar is $8.

Polyester-Linen Thread  

Middleweight Irish polyester-linen thread from Henry Campbell and Sons. Ideal for fine leather and upholstery.

Bank Line Cordage  

Bank line is a black, very strong cord. It is used for netting, It is used for netting, knotting, snares, bushcraft, and hand sewing. Great for survival kits.

Leather Lacing  

Flat deerskin and round leather lacing at closeout prices.

Binder Twine and House Twine

Fantastic deals on binder / baler twine, heavy duty house twine, and "invisible" magicians thread.

Hand Sewing Needle Kits

C.S. Osborne hand sewing needle kits for leather, canvas, carpet, and fabric.

Groz-Beckert Machine Needles

All Groz-Beckert machine needles with cross-reference to other brands. Machine / needle lookup for 10,000 machines..