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Sewing and Serger Thread

Sewing and Serger Thread Regular stock of Maxi-Lock spun polyester thread in solid and variegated colors. Other regular stock Maxi-Lock thread products include Excell and Maxi-Lock Stretch. Closeouts feature Venus and other brands. Regular Stock - Sewing and Serger Thread Spun polyester - 3000-yd and 6000-yd cones. Maxi-Lock and Excell Maxi-Lock and Excell High stretch - 2000-yd cones. Maxi-Lock Stretch Maxi-Lock Stretch Monofilament Thread Monofilament Thread Monofilament Thread Specials and Closeouts - Sewing and Serger Thread Closeout - Spun polyester - 3000-yds Venus Spun Polyester Closeout - Tex 27. Venus Spun Polyester Polyester-Core - 6000 and 12000-yds Venus Poly Core Closeout - Tex 35. Venus Poly Core Closeout - Limited color selection. YLI Woolly Nylon YLI Woolly Nylon 100-Wt / Tex 10 fine silk thread. YLI Silk Thread YLI Silk Thread Related Mettler Cotton Thread Mettler Cotton Thread Mettler Cotton Thread Aurifil Cotton Aurifil Cotton Closeout Aurifil Cotton Embroidery Thread Robison-Anton Robison-Anton Embroidery Thread and Stabilizers Select Nylon Thread - Size 33 Nylon Thread - Size 33