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Finding the Right Thread and Needle - Use our Thread and Needle Buying Guides to learn more about the thread on our site and get the right thread. These buying guides have information about each thread's uses, limitations, properties, and technical specifications.

Thread Color -
We use color chips to show thread color on our site. Experience has taught us that this approach gets the best results because it avoids lighting and spool curvature distortions. We double check each chip to make sure that it accurately shows the thread's color.

It is important to note that different manufacturers will give the same name to a color, but their shades are different. We use our color chips to represent these differences as accurately as possible.

Sometimes there are very slight differences between the color chips you see on our site and the thread you receive. This happens because lighting, monitors and monitor settings vary, and there are normal, slight run-to-run color variations.

Manufacturers' color cards show thread before it has had a bonding coating applied. The thread you receive has this bonding and looks darker than the color card.. Machine sewing removes the bonding so the finished work matches the color card.

If you need a more precise color match, we are glad to send a reasonable number of samples so you can judge. Or, you can send us a swatch of material so we can do the matching and  give you the results.

If we make a mistake and show colors incorrectly, we refund both your shipping cost and the cost of returning the thread.

Thread Size - Thread size refers to the thread's thickness - not how much thread is on a spool. Our product information pages explain that selecting the right thread size depends on the material sewn, sewing machine capabilities, and the desired "look".

Thread is spongy and its diameter cannot be measured with calipers. Also, the tightness of a thread's twist and they type of bonding used affect thickness. Because of this manufacturers sizes refer to the weight of a fixed length of thread. For example, 1,000 meters of Tex 70 thread weighs 70 grams.

U.S. military specifications include thread diameters. We include these diameters as approximations.

Nominal Weight - Most of our thread is sold by weight--not yardage. Because thread weight varies slightly (up or down) from spool to spool we cannot commit to delivering an exact weight. Instead we set a range for each nominal size and do not increase or decrease the amount charged as long as spool is within these tolerances. For example, a "Nominal 16 Ounce Spool" can 15.6 ounces to 19.9 ounces.
Payment - We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. All prices on our site are in U.S. Dollars (USD).

Net 30 Terms -  
At our discretion, we give Net 30 terms to customers whose typical order is $100 or more. Customers must have verifiable ship-to and bill-to addresses. We also extend Net 30 terms to schools, fire departments, and other government agencies regardless of order amount. In this case we only ship to governmental addresses - not third parties. Please call us to discuss Net 30 terms.
No Credit Card - If you do not have a credit card or PayPal, you can still buy from us:
  • Enter your order and go through checkout.
  • When you come to the Payment page, print the page.
  • Send us the printout and a check for the order amount including shipping and tax.
  • Money order payments ship the same day; personal checks ship in five business days.
Sales Tax - We are required to charge sales tax on orders shipped to Certain states from our warehouse in North Carolina:
New Jersey
North Carolina
A&E Drop Ship Orders - Stock items are currently exempt, but on drop ships from American & Efird (A&E), exemption certificates will be needed from the following states:
All of the above states, and also:

If you are a business, governmental agency that is exempt from sales tax, send us the paperwork and we will refund the tax. We do not charge sales tax on shipments to other states. But you may be required to pay use tax in your state.

All states could be subject to taxable sales in the future at varying times. If you do not see your state on the list, we can still keep your exemption certificate on file.

Sterile Applications - Our thread is clean in the normal sense, but it is not sterile. It is not intended for use in medical or other applications that require sterile thread, including but not limited to suturing, and direct or encapsulated implantation in live human beings or animals. We will not knowingly sell any thread for these type of uses, nor will we accept responsibility for damages resulting from the misuse of our products.
Limited Warranty - You are welcome to return thread, in saleable condition, for a refund of your thread purchase price. In no case will our liability exceed the cost of thread and shipping.
Copyright Notice -  All material on the  web-site is copyrighted. Customers may print portions of the site to help with buying decisions; educators and students may print our information pages for use in educational projects and research. All other commercial uses are prohibited without written permission. Please email requests to