Use our buying guides to learn more about the thread on our site and get the right thread. These buying guides have information about each thread's uses, limitations, properties, and technical specifications. We have buying guides for: nylon, polyester, bobbins, monofilament, bag closing thread, polypropylene, Kevlar, fire retardant thread, Nomex, Robison-Anton embroidery thread and conversion charts, stabilizer and backing, waxed thread, artificial sinew, Irish polyester-linen, bank line, and binder / bailer twine.
Information Topics -
Industrial Thread
Kevlar and Fire Retardant
Embroidering, Quilting, and Sewing
Crafts Thread
Needle Information
There are over 2,300 different Groz-Beckert needles. Information about needle systems, sizes, points, and premium features.

groz-beckert needles

Groz-Beckert Machine Sewing Needles
Needle and Thread Size Chart

Sewing Machine Needle Use Guide

Groz-Beckert Needle Information - PDF's

C.S. Osborne Hand Sewing Needles

Industrial Thread Information
Information about industrial threads used to sew strong, long lasting seams in fabric, leather, canvas and other materials.

nylon thread spools

Nylon Thread Buying Guide
Polyester Thread Buying Guide
Bobbin Buying Guide

Monofilament Buying Guide
Bag Closing Thread Buying Guide
Kevlar and Fire Retardant Thread Information
Information about thread used for high temperature applications.

kevlar thread spools

Kevlar Thread Buying Guide
Fire Retardant Thread Buying Guide

Nomex Thread Buying Guide
PTFE Coated Fiberglass Thread Guide
Embroidering, Quilting, and Sewing Information
Information about sewing and embroidery thread, color conversion charts, and stabilizers.

robison-anton thread

Robison-Anton Buying Guide
Robison-Anton-Conversion Charts

Robison-Anton Catalog Download

30 Weight and 40 Weight Embroidery Thread
Stabilizer / Backing Buying Guide

Aurifil Cotton Thread Buying Guide
Aurifil Cotton - Thread Weight and Use Chart
Aurifil Cotton Publications and Brochures - PDF's

Monofilament Buying Guide

Crafts Thread Information
Information about waxed thread, artificial sinew, and assorted twines.

waxed thread

Waxed Thread Buying Guide
Artificial Sinew Buying Guide

Polyester-Linen Buying Guide
Bank Line Buying Guide
Binder / Bailer Twine Buying Guide