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Use our buying guides to learn more about the thread on our site and get the right thread. These buying guides have information about each thread's uses and limitations, its properties, and technical specifications. We have buying guides for: nylon, polyester, bobbins, monofilament, bag closing thread, polypropylene, Kevlar, fire retardant thread, Nomex, Robison-Anton embroidery thread and conversion charts, stabilizer and backing, waxed thread, artificial sinew, Irish polyester-linen, bank line, and binder / bailer twine.

Needle Buying Guide - Our needle guide focuses on four things--needle systems, points, sizes, and premium features.
Needle and Thread Size Chart - The right needle size depends on thread size, the material sewn, and machine capabilities. The Thread / Needle Size chart gives the range of needles used with the threads that we sell.
Groz-Beckert Needle Information - PDF's - Groz-Beckert has many brochures that explain which needles to use, how to choose the right point, and why their premium needles pay for themselves. Our Groz-Beckert Publications Library brings these brochures together so you can read them online or download them for your personal use,

Nylon Thread Buying Guide - The Nylon Thread Buying Guide helps customers get the right thread for their needs. Our approach is to decide if nylon is the right thread for the job, identify which sizes (thicknesses) should be used, and finally pick the color and spool size that works.

Nylon Thread Buying Guide - PDF - Printable version of our Nylon Thread Buying Guide.

Polyester Thread Buying Guide - Polyester thread looks, feels, and sews like nylon. You cannot tell the difference just by looking, and technical specifications like strength and stretch are very similar.
Polyester Thread Buying Guide - PDF - Printable version of our Polyester Thread Buying Guide.

Bobbin Buying Guide  - The Bobbin Buying Guide gives information needed to buy the right prewound bobbins. We approach this by helping customers decide if the time saved is worth the cost. Then we discuss bobbin styles, thread size, and thread type.
Bobbin Style Guide - PDF - Printable guide with our most popular bobbin styles drawn to scale for quick matching.
Machine / Bobbin Style Reference - We list bobbin styles for over 1600 sewing machines and models with one-click links to our bobbin style pages.

Monofilament Buying Guide - Monofilament thread is translucent and the first choice for sewing "invisible" stitches. This Monofilament Thread Buying Guide helps customers get the right thread for their needs.
Monofilament Buying Guide - PDF - Printable version of our Monofilament Thread Buying Guide.

Bag Closing Thread Buying Guide - Our bag closing thread is made in the USA and designed to sew both food and non-food bags shut.
Bag Closing Thread Buying Guide - PDF - Printable version of our Monofilament Thread Buying Guide.

Polypropylene Thread Buying Guide - Polypropylene thread is high bulk, anti-static, recyclable thread.

Kevlar Thread Buying Guide - Kevlar (tm) is one of the strongest and most heat resistant commercially available threads. This buying guide helps you select the right thread by explaining: Kevlar's uses and alternatives to Kevlar, Kevlar properties, sizes, and color; and specifications for standard sizes.
Kevlar Thread Buying Guide - PDF - Printable version of our Kevlar (tm) Thread Buying Guide.

Fire Retardant Sewing Thread Buying Guide - Fire retardant sewing thread is used with clothing and gear designed to protect from fire and heat.
Fire Retardant Sewing Thread Buying Guide - PDF - Printable version of our Fire Retardant Sewing Thread  Buying Guide.

Nomex Thread Buying Guide - About Nomex Thread--Nomex is a Type II fire retardant thread. This means that it chars at 675F, begins to decompose at 700F, but never melts.
Nomex Thread Buying Guide - PDF - Printable version of our Nomex Thread Buying Guide.

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Thread Guide - PTFE coated fiberglass thread is made from continuous fiberglass filaments that are heat resistant, chemical resistant, and strong.

Robison-Anton Buying Guide - Robison-Anton is our flagship embroidery thread. We sell all colors and all sizes of their polyester, rayon, Moonglow, "J" Metallic, variegated, Twister Tweed, and spun polyester thread.
Robison-Anton-Conversion Charts - Use our conversion charts to find Robison-Anton colors that best match colors from other brands.
Robison-Anton Catalog - PDF - Robison-Anton Catalog Download.

30 Weight and 40 Weight Embroidery Thread - Weight refers to a thread's thickness. With embroidery thread, a lower weight means a thicker thread. Specifically, our 30 Weight embroidery thread is heavier than our 40 Weight thread.

Aurifil Cotton Thread Buying Guide - Aurifil is 100% Egyptian cotton grown in the Mako region on the Nile. Like wine, geography affects quality.
Aurifil Cotton Thread - Thread Weight / Thread Use Chart - Use the right thread size for the things you sew. Our Thread Weight / Use chart lists over forty kinds of sewing and Aurifil's product recommendations.
Aurifil Cotton Publications and Brochures - PDF's - Aurifil has several publications that provide helpful information about their thread. Click on any publication to download it to your computer. Then view or print it any time.

Stabilizer / Backing Buying Guide - Understanding backing types and styles, weight in ounces, color, the difference between sheets and rolls and how to do price comparisons are key to buying the right backing.
Stabilizer / Backing Buying Guide - PDF - Printable version of our Fire Retardant Sewing Thread  Buying Guide.

Waxed Thread Buying Guide - Waxing makes regular thread stiffer, more water and mildew resistant, and less stretchy.

Polyester-Linen Buying Guide - Polyester-Linen thread gives an authentic look to vintage items and their modern replicas. This guide explains the thread's uses and characteristics.

Bank Line Buying Guide - Bank line is a strong, inexpensive, black twine (or cord) used for netting, bushcraft, and beading. This buying guide explains uses and specifications.
Bank Line Buying Guide - PDF - Printable version of our Bank LineBuying Guide.

Binder / Bailer Twine Buying Guide - Binder (or baler ) twine is made from sisal. It strong, easy to use, inexpensive and biodegradable. This guide describes binder twine uses, properties, and cultural icons it has spawned.

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