The right needle size depends on thread size, the material sewn, and machine capabilities. The Thread / Needle Size chart gives the range of needles used with the threads that we sell.
Thread Selections

Needle Selections

Thread / Thread Size / Needle Sizes
Nylon Thread
Polyester Thread
Kevlar Thread


Monofilament Thread


Embroidery Thread
Fire Retardant Embroidery Thread
Fire Retardant Sewing Thread (spun Nomex and Kevlar)
Bag Closing Thread
  • 4-Ply - Use needle size 140 / 22 to 230 / 26
  • 5-Ply - Use needle sizes 180 / 24 to 260 / 26
Polypropylene Thread
Waxed Thread

Hand Sewing Needles

Other Threads