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Polyester-Linen Guide




polyester linen thread

Polyester-Linen thread gives an authentic look to vintage items and their modern replicas. This guide explains the thread's uses and characteristics.
Polyester-Linen Uses - This thread gives a 1940's look to vintage items and modern replicas of products from that time. It is often used with canvas, leather, auto upholstery, sports equipment, saddles, military gear, western wear, luggage, bookbinding, model ship rigging, work gear, moccasins, straps, beading, and many Irish canvas and leather crafts. Its secret is that it is a modern thread made with older manufacturing processes.
Characteristics -  Polyester-linen (also called poly-linen) thread is a blend natural linen, usually from flax fibers, and modern synthetic polyester. It is manufactured by Henry Campbell & Co. of Belfast, Ireland. It resembles  Irish linen in many ways.

This is a middleweight thread that is labeled "Size 12" and requires a commercial sewing machine.. This size falls between our commercial sizes 138 and 207 or Tex 135 and 210. It has stiff texture, satin finish, is water and rot resistant, adheres well when glued.