Waxed Thread

Waxed Thread and Sinew

Waxing thread and cord makes it stiffer, more water and mildew resistant, and stronger. It is mainly used in hand sewing that requires strong, long lasting, water-tight seams. It is also great for machine sewing for those willing to clean the thread's waxy residue.

Our regular waxed thread comes on tubes, coils, and economical rolls. Our specialty waxed threads include flat artificial sinew, tightly-twisted embalmer's thread, Irish polyester-linen, and bundles of hand sewing cord. Finally, there is beeswax to make any thread into a waxed thread.

Regular Waxed Thread

70 Yard Tubes

12 and 25 Yard Coils

Large Rolls

Our most popular type of waxed thread. Available in 25 colors and three thicknesses

Quarter sized coils that are great for hand sewing. Size 277 has 25 yards; Size 415 has 12 yards

Economical rolls with 200 to 800 yards. Available in black and white.





Specialty Waxed Threads

Artificial Sinew

Embalmer's Thread

Waxed Polyester-Linen

Hand Sewing Cord


Flat waxed thread that can be split into narrower strips. Available in 17 yard tubes and 265 yard rolls. A tightly twisted waxed that gives  straight, fine, hand-sewn stitches. Use it for taxidermy, leatherwork, shoe repair, and yes, preparing the deceased. Henry Campbell &Co. of Belfast Ireland's polyester-linen blend made stronger and stiffer by a light coat of wax. Waxed polyester thread comes in bundles of 24 cords in lengths ranging from three feet to six feet. Use it hand sewing footwear, crafts projects, binding, and wrapping. Use beeswax to make any thread into a waxed thread. It just takes a little time and patience to get a perfect coating.


Crafts Products

Hand Stitching Thread

Polyester-Linen Thread

Bank Line

Binder Twine

Our top quality nylon and polyester thread on 100 yard tubes. Just $4.50 each.

Beautiful Irish Polyester-Linen blend from Henry Campbell, Ltd on 2, 4, and 16 ounce spools.

Super strong cordage used for netting, lashing, bushcraft, beading, brooms, and survival.

Sisal binder (or bailer) twine on tubes ranging from 500 to 50,000 yards. We are dealing on 10 or more large tubes.

Round Leather Lace / Cord

Flat Leather Lace

Magician's Thread



1 and 2 mm Tejas round leather lacing or cord. Use for beading, jewelry, necklaces, braided key rings.

Flat deerskin lace for Native American crafts, buckskin garments, moccasins, and bracelets.

Use hair-thin black Kevlar thread to "invisibly" lift anything


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