Use this chart to find the range of needle sizes that work with your thread
The right needle size depends on thread size, the material sewn, and machine capabilities. The Thread / Needle Size chart gives the range of needles used with the threads that we sell.
Thread Selections

Needle Selections

Thread / Thread Size / Needle Sizes
Nylon Thread
Polyester Thread
Kevlar Thread
Monofilament Thread


Embroidery Thread
Fire Retardant Embroidery Thread
Fire Retardant Sewing Thread (spun Nomex and Kevlar)
Bag Closing Thread
  • 4-Ply - Use needle size 140 / 22 to 220 / 26
  • 5-Ply - Use needle sizes 180 / 24 to 260 / 26
Polypropylene Thread
Waxed Thread

Hand Sewing Needles

Other Threads