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For the first time all of our money-savings specials and closeouts are in one place:
  • Embroidery Closeouts - Featuring $3 king spools, $3 ARC Rayon, $6 Madeira Kings, and $5 A&E Signature Kings.
  • Grab Bags and Assortments - Partial spool embroidery and nylon / polyester by the pound, and great deals on artificial sinew, bank line, and embroidery thread assortments.
  • Half-Price Closeouts - Valdani cotton, Robison-Anton spun polyester, Half-price bobbins, Monocord nylon, Kevlar and Nomex, Giant monofilament canisters, and selected organ needles/

Embroidery Closeouts

Embroidery King Spools - Over 200 colors - Mixed brands - 30 and 40-Weight - Spools for $3 - Cases of 12 for $12
ARC Rayon for $3 - ARC (Melco) rayon embroidery thread on 5,500-yard king spools. About 75 colors for $3 each.
Madeira King Spools for $6 - Madeira rayon and polyester embroidery thread on 5500-yard king spools for $6 a spool. Just 40 colors left.
A&E Signature Polyester for $5 - A&E Signature Polyester embroidery thread on 5500-yard king spools for $5 a spool. About 40 colors in stock
Sylko Polyester for $6 - Sylko polyester embroidery thread on 5500-yard king spools for $6 a spool. About 20 colors left.
Mini Spools for $1 - Mixed brands of rayon embroidery thread on 1100-yard mini spools for $1.00 each.
Metallic King Cones for $10 - Metallic embroidery thread on large 5500-yard cones. Just four colors left. Closeout price $10.
Variegated Spools and Cones - $4 / $10 - Variegated rayon embroidery thread. Peacock 3,300-yard king spools for $4; giant 25,000 cones for $10.
Tweed Thread for $4 -Peacock, two-tone tweed embroidery thread on 2750-yard king spools for $4 a spool.
Schiffli Hand Sewing Thread for $2 - Thread for giant embroidery machines now repurposed for hand embroidery and some machines. About 50 colors. Single spools for $2; 20 spools of the same color $15.

Grab Bags and Assortments

Embroidery Thread Partial Spools - $2 a Pound - 5 to 7 Spools Per Pound - Partial spools of mixed rayon and polyester 40-weight embroidery thread for $2 a pound. Spools are unwrapped and some tangling is likely. Typically 5 to 7 spools per pound.
Mixed nylon and polyester thread for $2.50 a pound.- Spool sizes range from 4 Oz. to 2 Lbs. Black is the predominate color. Sizes 92 to 277 are the most common. Spools are unwrapped and may be slightly soiled. Tangling is possible. 50 pounds for $100.
Artificial Sinew Sampler - Ten Colors - 17-Yard Tubes - Get ten, 17-yard tubes of our regular artificial sinew for $42. Tubes cost $52.50 if purchased separately.
Bank Line Sampler - 4 Lbs for $32 - 3 to 5 Rolls - Four pounds of black bank line cordage in varying thicknesses for $32 - $64 if purchased separately. 3 to 5 rolls per box.
A&E Signature Polyester Grab Bag - 15 Spools for $30 - A&E Signature polyester 40-weight, 5500-yard king spool grab bag. 15 spools for $30. A $90 value.
ARC Rayon Grab Bag - 15 Spools for $20 - ARC rayon 40-weight, 5500-yard embroidery thread king spools for $4 a pound. 3 spools per pound
Mixed Brand King Spools - 10 spools for $15 - Mixed brand king spools - 10 for $15. Spools are wrapped, mostly rayon and may be 30 or 40 weight.
Robison-Anton Spun Polyester Grab Bag - 20 Spools for $15 - Robison-Anton spun polyester 700-yard mini spool grab bag. 20 spools for $15. A $30 value.
Schiffli Embroidery Thread - 20 Spools for $20 - Schiffli 30-weight embroidery thread grab bag. 20 spools for $20. Use for hand sewing and some embroidery machines.
Madeira Rayon and Polyester - 12-Spool Grab Bag - Madeira 40-weight rayon and polyester embroidery thread. 12-spool grab bag with 12 different colors for $48 - $96 if sold separately. Most spools are unwrapped and may have less than the the full 5500-yards.

Half Price Closeouts

Valdani Cotton - Half-Price - Closing out 35 and 50-weight Valdani hand-dyed cotton at half-price.
Robison-Anton Spun Polyester Minis for $1.50 - Robison-Anton Super Spun Polyester is a general purpose, middleweight (Tex 35) sewing thread. The thread has a flat, cotton-like finish for garment sewing - not embroidery. Comes on 700 yard mini spools that are closeout priced at $1.50.
Bobbins Half-Price - Over 100 bobbins at half price. The boxes may be battered, but the bobbins are just fine. Style A, Style G, Style L, Style M, Style U
Monocord Nylon - Half Price - Monocord nylon is a single-ply thread that is smooth, flat, and ribbon-like. Its great for sewing furniture, upholstery, leashes and collars, boots and shoes, and hand sewing. Ideal for dual head machines.
Kevlar Thread Clearance - Selections of off-sizes and construction variations at up to 50% off. No CERTS available for these products
Foliage Green Nomex Overstock - Foliage green, Tex 60, Coats Firefly Spun Nomex on 6,000 yard spools. The ideal middleweight and neutral color for sewing first responder clothes and gear. Priced to sell at $20 for a 12 Oz spool. Call 800-915-232- for bulk sale pricing.
Oversize Monofilament Canister for $21 - Size .006 / Tex 18 about 55,000 yards each. - Call 800-915-2320 for bulk sale pricing.
Tejas Lace Half Price - Tejas round leather lace and deerskin lace at half price
Organ Needles - Half-Price - Popular styles - DBF42, DBx95, DBxK5, DPx35R, DPxK5, HAx1
Code Description Image Price Stock  
BOBL016WHIT012Pr Bobbins - Style L - Tex 16 - White (Robison-Anton) - Spun Polyester - Paper Sides - Pack of 12 $4.00 21
BOBL016WHIT144Pr Bobbins - Style L - Tex 16 - White (Robison-Anton) - Spun Polyester - Paper Sides - Box of 144 $20.00 72