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Spun Nomex - Tex 60 - Foliage Green

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$12 Case of 12 King Spools
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Industrial Thread Specials
Nylon Thread Specials
New - Nylon - Grab Bags by Size
Get six clean and wrapped 2 ounce spools at a reduced price.
  • Available in sizes 46 through 138.
  • You get 6 random colors of nylon thread with no duplicate colors when you buy up to 3 grab bags.
  • All spools are labeled, clean, and wrapped.
  • Each spool has 375 yards of nylon thread.
  • Great for building a color stash.
  • Colors are random, but we will make every effort to avoid duplicating colors if purchased as single spools. Sorry, we cannot customize colors in other situations.
Fil-Tec Special
Size 69 / Tex 70
4 Oz Spools $12.06 - Now $9.99
Cases of 10 $108.54 - Now $79.99 Nylon - UVR and Monocord
Single-ply thread used for low profile, double-needle, and multi-directional sewing. 10 to 14% stronger than regular nylon at a reduced price. Normally requires machine tension adjustment.
Thread Boxes
Thread Boxes
Mixed nylon and polyester thread for $2.50 a pound. Spool sizes range from 4 Oz. to 2 Lbs. Black is the predominate color. Sizes 92 to 277 are the most common. Spools are unwrapped and may be slightly soiled. Tangling is possible.
We recommend buying at least five pounds for balanced mix.
Polyester Thread Specials Polyester - Monocord and Non-Wicking
A monocord polyester thread has a single ply that is extruded to the desired size. Monocord thread has excellent abrasion resistance. Polyester monocord thread is helpful for multi-needle sewing, because it has no twist. Non-wicking polyester thread, also known as anti-wicking polyester thread is designed to add extra protection against moisture leakage through seams.
Bobbins - Half Price Bobbins - Half Price
Over 100 half-price bobbin selections. Some boxes are battered, but the bobbins are in great shape.
Select Bobbin Style
Style A (Class 15)
Style G
Style L
Style M
Style MA
Monofilament Specials Monofilament - Giant Canisters
Oversize .006 / Tex 18 monofilament canisters at bargain prices. Canisters weigh 2 to 4 pounds.
Kevlar and Fire Retardant Thread Specials
/miva/graphics/00000001/kevlar-thread.jpg Kevlar Thread - Clearance Items
Selections of off-sizes and construction variations at up to 50% off. No CERTS available for these products. Spun Nomex - Tex 60 - Foliage Green
Foliage green, Tex 60, Coats Firefly Spun Nomex on 6,000 yard spools. The ideal middleweight and neutral color for sewing first responder clothes and gear. Priced to sell at $20 for a 12 Oz spool.

Embroidery and Sewing Thread Specials Embroidery Thread King Spools
Embroidery thread on king spools. Over 200 colors - Mixed brands - 30 and 40-Weight - 30-weight is heavier than 40-weight. Cover more surface area in less time with 30 weight.
30-Weight Rayon - 4400 Yard Single Spools for $3
30-Weight Rayon - Case of 12 - 4400 Yard Spools for $12
40-Weight Rayon - 5500 Yard Single Spools for $3
40-Weight Polyester - 5500 Yard Single Spools for $3
Name Brand Closeouts
Name Brand Closeouts - Rayon
$3   ARC Rayon - 5500 Yard Spools
$20 ARC Rayon - 5500 Yard Spools - 15 Spool Grab Bags
$4   Peacock Tweed
- 1 color left
Variegated 40 Weight Rayon 3300 Yard King Cones - $4, 25000 Yard Giant Cones - $10

Name Brand Closeouts - Rayon and Polyester
$6  Madeira - 5500 Yard Spools

Name Brand Closeouts - Polyester
$5   A&E Signature - 5500 Yard Spools
$30 A&E Signature - 5500 Yard Spools - 15 Spool Grab Bags
$6   Sylko Polyester - 5500 Yard Spools
More Embroidery Specials Schiffli 30 Weight Rayon
Single Spools - 3000 Yards - $2
20 Spools - 3000 Yards per Spool - Single Color - $15
20 Spools - 3000 Yards per Spool - Grab Bag - $12
Embroidery and Sewing Thread Grab Bags Embroidery Thread Partial Spools
$2 a Pound - 5 to 7 Spools Per Pound - Partial spools of mixed rayon and polyester 40-weight embroidery thread for $2 a pound. Spools are unwrapped and some tangling is likely. Typically 5 to 7 spools per pound. Mixed Brand King Spools - 10 spools for $15
Mixed brand king spools - 10 for $15. Spools are wrapped, mostly rayon and may be 30 or 40 weight.
30-weight thread is heavier than 40-weight. Robison-Anton Grab Bags and Specials
5500 Yard King Spools - 10 for $30
Set of Red, White, and Blue 1100 Yard Mini Spools - $3
Sewing Thread and Cotton Robison-Anton Spun Polyester Mini Spools for $1.50
Robison-Anton Super Spun Polyester is a general purpose, middleweight (Tex 35) sewing thread. The thread has a flat, cotton-like finish for garment sewing - not embroidery. Comes on 700 yard mini spools that are closeout priced at $1.50. Valdani Cotton - Half-Price
Closeout 35 and 50-weight Valdani hand-dyed cotton at half-price.
Crafts Thread Specials The Artificial Sinew Sampler
Ten Colors - 17-Yard Tubes - Get ten, 17-yard tubes of our regular artificial sinew for $42. Tubes cost $52.50 if purchased separately. Waxed Thread - Large Packages
Large packages of waxed thread at big savings.

Needle Specials
Organ Needles - Half Price
 Organ Needles - Half Price
Popular styles - DBF42, DBx95, DBxK5, DPx35R, DPxK5, HAx1