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Bag Closing Thread Guide

Bag Closing Thread Information

About Bag Closing Thread

Our bag closing thread is made in the USA and designed to sew both food and non-food bags shut. This Bag Closing Thread Buying Guide helps customers get the right thread for their needs. Our approach is to help you decide if our thread is the right for you, and provide information about the sizes we sell.

Bag Closing Thread Uses - Use this thread with portable bag closers to sew bag ends shut.  It is a heavy duty, knot-free spun polyester made from long-staple polyester yarn. Use it for closing bags that have either food, grain, or non-food products. The thread complies with FDA standards 21-CFR-177.1630(f), 21-CFR-177.2800 and 21-CFR-178.3570. It is approved for indirect food contact such as sewing bags shut. It is not approved for direct food contact via filters or anything else that would put it directly in contact with food. Putting oil, lubricants, or sewing machine oil on the thread voids compliance with FDA regulations. Its usefulness is not limited to bag closing. It works great in any application that needs a strong, inexpensive, spun polyester thread.

Cone Sizes - Our bag closing thread on 8-ounce, 5-pound, and 20-poumd cones. The 8-ounce cones are used with portable bag closers and are available as individual cones or cases of 32 cones. The 5-pound and 20-pound cones are for larger fixed-position machines and are sold as 40 Pound cases.

Bag Closing Thread Specifications

Thread Size Specifications - Bag closing thread comes in 4-ply and 5-ply thicknesses.

4-ply (12/4)
Average Strength: 19 Lbs. (8.6 kg)
Average Yards per Pound: 2,075
Stretch Before Breaking: 17%

5-ply (12/5)
Average Strength: 24 Lbs. (10.9 kg)
Average Yards per Pound: 1,655
Stretch Before Breaking: 17%

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