Learn about artificial / imitation sinew uses and properties.

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Artificial / Imitation Sinew


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Artificial Sinew Buying Guide
Artificial sinew is sometimes called imitation sinew, simulated sinew, or fake sinew. This Buying Guide explains sinew's uses and describes its characteristics.

Artificial Sinew Characteristics
https://www.thethreadexchange.com/miva/graphics/00000001/artificialsinew1.jpg Artificial sinew is sometimes called imitation sinew, simulated sinew, or fake sinew. It comes from manmade fibers such as polypropylene, polyester, and nylon. It comes in many colors, and can be cut to any length.

The sinew is flat and ribbon-like - not round. It is about 1/16th inch wide and has an average 50 pound tensile strength. You can easily split artificial sinew into thinner strips as shown in the picture. Unlike natural sinew, it has more a uniform texture.

Artificial sinew comes pre-waxed. This helps to add strength, and increase UV and moisture resistance.
Artificial Sinew Uses
Artificial sinew is great for crafts projects that require a strong, flat, waxy thread or cord. Some favorite projects include:
Arrow Wrapping
Basket Weaving
Dream Catchers
Gourd Crafting
Hand Stitching
Medicine Pouches
Pine Needle Rims
Toe Rattles
Real Sinew
We do not sell real sinew. You can find it by Googling  "natural sinew -artificial" for sellers. Slaughterhouses, traditional butchers, tanners, and hunters are also great sources if you have the time and connections.