We have made checking out easier with these improvements::
Combined Basket and Checkout Choices
When you start to checkout the first screen shows the products in your basket and your checkout choices:

The basket section shows the items you have purchased. You can remove items, change quantities, estimate shipping, or continue shopping.

The checkout choices take you to the Name and Address screen or PayPal. The Recall Name and Address shortcut (explained later) get this information from your last order.

It Pays To Login
Logging in is always optional on our site. But, creating an account and using it will make shopping much easier. Here's how:
  • You do not have to type your name and address. We take it from your account.
  • You can securely store your credit card and use it just by entering your security code.
  • You can see your order history and track shipments through USPS.COM and UPS.COM.
  • We have to charge sales tax on shipments to some states. If you are exempt, we can set up your account so you are not charged sales tax when you are logged in. (coming soon).
 Logging In
There are two ways to login or create an account:
  • Use the LOGIN (optional) prompt on the upper right corner of every screen.
  • Use the Login / Create Account prompt that lets login and you go directly from to the Name and Address screen. It is available on the Basket, Name and Address, and Shipping and Payment screens.

Use the LOGIN (optional) prompt to view your order history and tracking information. Also, if you are on the final Payment screen and decide to use stored credit card or store the card you are currently using.

Use the Login / Create Account prompt if you just want to retrieve your address.

Create Account Shortcut
If you do not have an account, there is an easy way to create one. After you enter your name and address, there is a Create An Account box at the bottom of the screen. If you enter any password, we will create an account using your Bill-to Email and your password. Use it the next time you visit us to login.
Recall Name and Address
If you have bought from us before, you can use the name and address from your last order to fill in this information without logging in. Here's how it works:
  • There are "Recall Name and Address" prompts on the Basket, Name and Address, and Shipping and Payment screens.
  • When clicked, we show a "Lookup by Email and Zip Code" box.
  • Enter the bill to Email and Zip Code from your last order. We find your last order and show you its name and address information.
  • When you click "Proceed" we use this information to fill-in the Name and Address screen.

Using the Recall Name and Address feature lets you avoid typing your name and address. But, it is not the same as logging in. You cannot use stored credit cards or see your order history and tracking information.

When you use the recall feature consider using the Create Account Shortcut to set up a real account.

Paying With PayPal
You can access PayPal from our Basket or Shipping And Payment screens. We send you to the PayPal login screen to have your payment approved.

When you use PayPal the name and address information comes from your PayPal profile and you cannot change it on our site. You must go back to PayPal, change your profile, and return to us with the new address. FYI, PayPal lets you have multiple ship-to addresses.

If you access PayPal from the Shipping and Payment screen and we are having a sale, you must enter the coupon code first. If you forget, don't worry, we will issue a refund on the next business day.

PayPal Credit is a great deal. If you buy more than $100, you can pay for it over six months with no interest. When you log in to PayPal there are prompts for using this option.

Paying With Credit Cards
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We no longer ask for the credit card type because we can get this from your card's number.
Entering Your Credit Card
When you pay by credit card, we now require the first and last names on your card. This is an added security feature for your protection.

If you are logged in, there is a "Store This Card For Future Use" prompt just below your credit card information. If you check it, we will process your payment and take you to the screen used to store your credit cards.

If you are not logged in, you can use the Login (Optional) prompt on the upper right of the screen to login (or create an account and login)  When you return to the Payment screen, you will be able to store your credit card.

Protecting your credit card is one of top priorities. Our system is designed so no one at The Thread Exchange can see your information.

Now, we are taking credit card security to a new level. Your credit card information never touches our site, Instead, it goes to an ultra-secure computer that meets the highest credit card industry standards.

Adding and Storing Your Credit Card
There are three ways to add and store your credit card for future use.
  • As previously discussed, you can respond to the "Store This Card..." prompt that appears on the Payment screen when you are logged in.
  • Log in to your account from the LOGIN (optional) prompt on the upper right side, click on the Manage Credit Cards prompt in the Wallet section, and enter your information.
  • If you are willing to trust us with your credit card information, call us at 800-915-2320 and we will enter the information for you.

In each case, there is a box that asks for your credit card information. When you enter a valid credit card and store it you are ready to go.

Using Your Stored Credit Card
If you have a stored credit card, you will see a prompt that reminding you that it is available on the Shipping and Payments screen. If you do not see this prompt it probably means that you are not logged in.

When you use a stored credit card everything is entered for you except your card's security code (CVV). You must enter this number so we can process your payment.

Viewing You Order History and Tracking
You can get the latest information about your orders by logging in and clicking on the View All Orders prompt. When you do this you will see all your orders placed when you were logged in.

When an order ships its status is changed to Shipped and the tracking number is displayed. You can click on the tracking number to get the latest shipping information from the post office or UPS. Please note there is normally a one business day lag between your order's shipment and tracking information showing on these sites.