Be surprised and save big. Grab bag assortments of full and partial spools.

Be surprised and save big with grab bag assortments of full and partial spools of embroidery and sewing thread. Grab bags are ideal for active sewers who want to build a thread stash at rock bottom prices. Casual sewers and customers looking for specific colors should use our regular thread selections. Sorry, we cannot cherry-pick colors..


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Embroidery Thread Partial Spools - $2 a Pound - 5 to 7 Spools Per Pound
Partial spools of mixed rayon and polyester 40-weight embroidery thread for $2 a pound. Spools are unwrapped and some tangling is likely. Typically 5 to 7 spools per pound

$2.00 31

Robison-Anton Rayon Grab Bag - 10 Spools for $30
Robison-Anton rayon embroidery thread 40-weight, 5500-yard king spool grab bag.
10 wrapped spools for $30. A $140 value
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$30.00 3

ARC Rayon Grab Bag - 15 Spools for $20
ARC rayon 40-weight, 5500-yard embroidery thread king spools. 15 wrapped spools for $20. 
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ARC Rayon


$20.00 4

Mixed Brand King Spools - 10 spools for $15
Mixed brand king spools - 10 for $15. Spools are wrapped, mostly rayon and may be 30 or 40 weight.
30-weight thread is heavier than 40-weight. Great for embroidering large areas and hand embroidery; not recommended for tight patterns.
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$15.00 451

Schiffli Embroidery Thread - 20 Spools for $12
Schiffli 30-weight embroidery thread grab bag. 20 spools for $12. Use for hand sewing and some embroidery machines.
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$12.00 734

Robison-Anton 40 Weight Polyester Embroidery Thread - American Colors
Robison-Anton 40 weight polyester. 1100 yard red, white, and blue mini-spools for $3.00 - $4.50 if sold separately.
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$3.00 9

Valdani Cotton - 5 Mini Spools.
Five Valdani 35-weight solid cotton colors on 100-yard mini-spools.
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$5.00 11