Aurifil 100% Egyptian cotton thread available in 270 colors. 40-weight, 50-weight and Forty3 - a 40-weight / 3-ply thread for high speed Longarm machines.
Aurifil is 100% Egyptian cotton thread made in Milan, Italy. The cotton yarn comes from Egypt's Mako region that grows the world's finest long staple cotton. This results in thread that is exceptionally easy to sew, strong, and smooth. Aurifil cotton is mercerized for added strength and sheen, and is virtually lint free. We sell these Aurifil cottons:


40-Weight Spools - $9.95 and Cones - $39.95 270 Colors  


50-weight Spools - $9.95 and Cones - $39.95 270 Colors  


40-Weight / 3-Ply Cones - $39.95 50 Colors  
Use our Aurifil Cotton Buying Guide to get in-depth product information and thread size recommendations for over forty kinds of sewing. Download Aurifil's product guide and other publications from our Aurifil Publications page. Don't forget to get your  Aurifil Color Card for just $21 - a $49 value.

Aurifil Publications

Aurifil Color Card - $21

Code Color Description
AUR-COLORS Aurifil Cotton - Shop By Color Group
Aurifil cotton grouped by color (e.g. blues, pinks, reds)
AURIFIL-COTTON-40-WT-SPOOLS Aurifil Cotton Thread - 40-Weight - Spools
Aurifil 100% cotton, 40-weight thread on 1000-meter / 1094-yard spools. $9.95
AURIFIL-COTTON-40-WT-CONES Aurifil Cotton Thread - 40-Weight - Cones
Aurifil 100% cotton, 40-weight thread on 4700-meter / 5140-yard cones - $39.95
AURIFIL-COTTON-50-WT-SPOOLS Aurifil Cotton Thread - 50-Weight - Spools
Aurifil 100% cotton, 50-weight thread on 1300-meter / 1422-yard spools - $9.95
AURIFIL-COTTON-50-WT-CONES Aurifil Cotton Thread - 50-Weight - Cones
Aurifil 100% cotton, 50-weight thread on 5900-meter / 6452-yard cones. $39.95
AURIFIL-COTTON-FORTY3 Aurifil Cotton Thread - 40-Weight / 3-Ply Cones
Aurifil 100% cotton, 40-weight / 3-Ply thread on 3000-meter / 3280-yard cones for high speed Longarm quilting. $39.95