Nylon Thread

Nylon Thread

Use nylon thread for sewing almost anything that requires strength and durability. It is strong, easy to use, and a great choice for sewing fabric, leather, canvas, and vinyl. We sell nylon thread in eleven thickness sizes that range from hair-thin to cord-like as explained in our Buying Guide


Small Spools

2 and 4 Ounce spools for small jobs.


Unlabeled black and white for $12 a pound

Size 69 Nylon Cases

Size 69 / T 70 - Over 100 Colors.

Thread Boxes

Mixed nylon and poly in 5, 10, and 50 LB boxes.

Half-Price Cases

8 and 10 spool cases. About 30 selections

Monocord Nylon

Single ply, flat, stronger, low profile stitching

Related Products

Polyester Thread

Looks, feels, sews like nylon. Better Sunlight (UV) resistance.

Half-Price Bobbins

Styles A/15, G, L, M at $20 a gross. About 100 selections

100 Yard Nylon Tube

Popular nylon sizes and colors on hand sewing tubes. Just $4.50

100 Yard Poly Tubes

Popular polyester sizes and colors on hand sewing tubes. Just $4.50

Waxed Thread

Large color selection in Sizes 207 through 554

Poly-Linen Blend

Silky-smooth Irish polyester-linen blend.

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