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Nylon Thread - Size 69

Size Tex Govt. Class Machine Type Stitch Visibility Needle Size







16 to 18

Typical uses--: Athletic mats, Athletic padding, Awnings, Backpacks, Canvas, Cat collars and leashes, Corn hole bags, Costumes, Cushions, Decorative stitching, Dentist chairs, Dog beds, Dog collars, Dog leashes, Gloves (work), Horse blankets, Instrument covers, Laptop cases, Leather (light), Leather (medium), Luggage, Mei Tais (baby carriers), Purses, Roll-up signs, Sandbags, Stage curtains, Tarps (medium), Upholstery (medium), Vinyl (medium), Wallets, Weapons cases, Webbing, X-ray aprons.

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Half Price Prewound Bobbins

We have over 100 prewound bobbin half-price bobbin selections we most selling for $20 a gross (144) or less. All of these bobbins come with our 30 Day Return protection. Please note the some of these bobbins come in battered or slightly soiled boxes as shown on the left. We have taken special care to make sure that the bobbins in these boxes are just as good as our regular priced bobbins. Click here for all half price bobbins. Or go directly to your style.




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291A Merrimon Avenue Weaverville, NC 28787