Nylon Thread Size 69 / Tex 70 / Govt. E
  Nylon Thread - Size 69

Equivalent to Tex 70 (T-70) and Mil-Spec size E

Size 69 (Tex 70) nylon thread is our most popular size because it can be used for both lightweight and middleweight sewing. Typical uses include furniture, small tents, drapes, and lightweight leather upholstery. It is the heaviest thread most home sewing machines can use with a size 16 to 18 needle as explained in our Buying Guide.


Buying Guide

Use and Size Guide

Buying Guide - PDF

Use and Size Guide - PDF

 Size 69 Nylon Thread by Color Group


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Small Spools

2 and 4 Ounce spools for small jobs.

Thread Sock

For Storage. Also helps prevent puddling.

Thread Boxes

Mixed nylon and poly in 5, 10, and 50 LB boxes.

Monocord Nylon

Single ply, flat, stronger, low profile stitching

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