Check out our top-of-the-line thread and needles, and our money-saving closeouts at half-price or less

New ! All Groz-Beckert Machine Needles and C.S. Osborne Hand Sewing Needle Kits


The Robison-Anton Store  

Our top-of-the-line embroidery thread. All colors / all sizes. Polyester, Rayon, Metallic,  Moonglow,  Variegated,  Twister Tweed.

Basic Black and White

Fil-Tec and Marathon black and white embroidery thread. Mini spools for $4; King spools for $7.

Monofilament Thread

Monofilament thread thread in clear and smoke. All sizes. Small spools, canister refills, and canister cases that save 15%.

Llovet Backing and Stabilizer  

Lovett backings and stabilizes in retail and commercial packages - cutaway, tearaway, tearaway / cutaway, and water soluble.

Groz-Beckert Machine Needles

All Groz-Beckert machine needles. Home Machine Needles,  Machine Embroidery Needles.

Hand Sewing Needles

C.S. Osborne needles for hand sewing, fabrics, darning, chenille, and tapestry.

Bobbins and Bobbin Thread

Style L bobbins for home machines and low cost bobbin thread for those who wind their own bobbins.

Thread Sock / Netting

Stop thread puddling by wrapping spools in reusable thread sock. White netting $2.00 a yard; yellow netting $1.50 a yard.

Thread Cone Holder

Our thread cone adapter lets you use money-saving king spools with any sewing machine. 

Embroidery Grab Bags

Avid sewers here is an inexpensive way to build a thread stash. For example, you get 5 to 7 partial embroidery thread cones for $2 a pound.

$3 Embroidery King Spools

Embroidery king spools, rayon and polyester for $3. Over 100 colors. 30 Weight Rayon,  40 Weight Rayon,  Cases of 12 for $12

$12 Embroidery King Spool Cases

Embroidery king spool cases - 12 spools for $12. Most spools are Salus, 30 weight rayon. We have about 100 colors.




$3 ARC Rayon 

ARC (Melco) rayon embroidery thread on 5,500-yard king spools. About 75 colors for $3 each.

$6 Madeira Embroidery Thread 

Madeira rayon and polyester embroidery thread on 5500-yard king spools for $6 a spool. Just 40 colors left.



$5 A&E Signature Polyester 

A&E Signature Polyester embroidery thread on 5500-yard king spools for $5 a spool. About 40 colors in stock.



$6 Sylko Polyester

Sylko polyester embroidery thread on 5500-yard king spools for $6 a spool. About 20 colors left.

$1  Mini Spools

Mixed brands of rayon embroidery thread on 1100-yard mini spools for $1.00 each.

$10 Metallic King Cones



Metallic embroidery thread on large 5500-yard cones. Just four colors left. Closeout price $10.

$4 Variegated Embroidery Thread

Variegated rayon embroidery thread. Peacock 3,300-yard king spools for $4; giant 25,000 cones for $10.

$4 Tweed Embroidery Thread 

Peacock, two-tone tweed embroidery thread on 2750-yard king spools for $4 a spool.

$2 Schiffli Thread

Thread for giant embroidery machines now repurposed for hand embroidery and some machines. Single spools for $2; 20 spools of the same color $15.

$1.50 Sewing Thread Mini's

Robison-Anton spun polyester sewing thread on 700-yard mini spools. Use for garment sewing and repair. $1.50 each.

Valdani Cotton Thread

Valdani hand-dyed cotton thread in 35 and (lighter) 50 weight. Over 100 solid and variegated colors.