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Sewing Machine Needle Use Guide

Sewing Machine Needle Use Guide

Please Note

  • Home / Domestic Machines - Our guide is for industrial sewing machines. Manufacturers like Babylock, Bernina, Brother, Consew, Husqvana-Viking, Janome, Juki, Pfaff, Simplicity, and Singer make machines for the home / domestic sewering. These machines use universal, flat shank needles. They are called Groz-Beckert 130 / 705 or HAx1 or 15x1 needles

  • Older machines sometimes get retrofitted with needle bars that handle use different needle systems from the original design.

  • There are occasionally instances where the needle point, needle size, or both affect the needle system designation. The most common exceptions occur with DBx1, 134, 1738A, 135x16. and 135x17. Details

Our Sewing Machine Needle Use Guide helps you find and buy the right needle for your industrial sewing machine. It lists thousands of machines and models and the Groz-Beckert needle systems that work with each model. It also shows compatible needles from other manufacturers.

Using the right needle is important because bad things can happen when you use the wrong needle. If you are lucky, the needle will just not fit; if you can make the needle fit it is likely that it will damage your machine or work.
Needle packets show the needle system. Up to now, a lost packet meant calling the dealer or manufacturer. Our Sewing Machine Needle Use Guide  lets you find and buy your needles on the spot.

Our Sewing Machine Needle Use Guide is organized by manufacturer and ranges of models. Scroll down to the manufacturer, click on a model range, and then locate the needle system for your model. Remember, we only show needle systems for industrial machines. Click here for domestic / home sewing machines that use flat shank needles.

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