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robison-anton thread Robison-Anton is our flagship embroidery thread. We have over 1,000 colors in mini spools, king spools, and cases. We also have color conversion charts, a free Robison-Anton catalog download, and color cards at cost. Information
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Robison-Anton Polyester
Robison-anton polyester embroidery thread
Robison-Anton's Super Brite Polyester is made from a trilobal polyester yarn, and is available in over 400 colors. Known for bright colors, strength, color fastness and washability, perfect stitches, and fewer breaks. Select
Robison-Anton Polyester by Color Group

R/A Polyester - Black
R/A Polyester - White
R/A Polyester - Beiges
R/A Polyester - Blues
R/A Polyester - Browns
R/A Polyester - Grays
R/A Polyester - Greens

R/A Polyester - Oranges
R/A Polyester - Pinks
R/A Polyester - Purples
R/A Polyester - Reds
R/A Polyester - Yellows
R/A Polyester - By Color Number

Robison-Anton Rayon
Robison-anton rayon embroidery thread
Robison-Anton's Super Strength Rayon is a 40 weight twisted thread that comes in over 370 brilliant colors. It is ideal for embroidery applications that call for high luster and silky, smooth feel. A superior sewing, fewer thread breaks, and excellent stitch appearance. Select

Robison-Anton Rayon by Color Group

R/A Rayon - Black
R/A Rayon - White
R/A Rayon - Beiges
R/A Rayon - Blues
R/A Rayon - Browns
R/A Rayon - Grays
R/A Rayon - Greens

R/A Rayon - Oranges
R/A Rayon - Pinks
R/A Rayon - Purples
R/A Rayon - Reds
R/A Rayon - Yellows
R/A Rayon - By Color Number

Robison-Anton Specials
Robison-anton grab bag embroidery thread
Robison-Anton legacy rayon grab bags, polyester grab bags, A&E Signature grab bags, R/A spun polyester mini grab bags. Select
Robison-Anton Metallic
Robison-anton j metallic embroidery thread
Use Robison-Anton's "J" Metallic thread for embroidery, embellishment, and decorative applications. It comes in 24 very high luster colors that make stitches stand out. Select
Robison-Anton Variegated
Robison-anton variegated embroidery thread
Robison-Anton's Super Strength Variegated Rayon is a 40 weight twisted thread 29 special 3-color and 4-color combinations. Embroidery looks like it is changing color as the eye moves. Select
Robison-Anton Twister Tweed
Robison-anton twister tweed embroidery thread
Robison-Anton Twister Tweed is a rayon thread that gives embroidery a tweedy, textured, two-tone look. It comes in 21 colors. Select
Robison-Anton Color Cards
Robison-anton embroidery thread color charts
Robison-Anton polyester and rayon color cards at cost. Select
Robison-Anton Spun Polyester - Cloesout
Robison-anton spun polyester embroidery thread
Robison-Anton Super Spun Polyester is a general purpose, middleweight (Tex 35) sewing thread. It has a flat, cotton-like finish for garment sewing. 700-yard mini spools that are closeout priced at $1.50. Select