Kevlar, nylon, and polyester thread on inexpensive tubes for hand sewing and speedy stitcher awl projects
hand stitching thread Use of tubes of nylon, polyester, and Kevlar thread for hand sewing and with speedy stitcher awls. These tubes have about 100 yards of thread and come in many sizes and colors. Nylon and polyester are about $5; Kevar ranges from $9 to $20. This thread is not recommended for machine sewing. Use our two and four ounce spools instead.

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Code Color Description
hand-stitching-thread-kevlar Hand Stitching Thread - Kevlar Hand Stitching Thread - Kevlar
Kevlar thread on small tubes for hand sewing. Priced $9 to $20
hand-stitching-thread-nylon Hand Stitching Thread - Nylon Hand Stitching Thread - Nylon
Nylon thread on 100 yard tubes for hand sewing.
hand-stitching-thread-polyester Hand Stitching Thread - Polyester Hand Stitching Thread - Polyester
Polyester thread on 100 yard tubes for hand sewing.