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polyester thread Polyester Thread Specials
Save big on our polyester thread specials. Our specials are a great value for building a color stash. Most of our specials are in like-new condition. Occasionally, there are items that may have color variations, over-lubrication, scuff marks, and other issues. When this occurs, we will note the condition.
Polyester Thread Buying Guide
Specials - Polyester Thread - Sizes 15 to 92

Polyester Thread Specials - Size 15  (Equivalent to Tex 16 Govt Size 00)
Use needle sizes 70/10 to 80/12.

Polyester Thread Specials - Size 69  (Equivalent to Tex 70, Govt Size E)
Use needle sizes 100/16 to 110 /18.
Size 69 is the thickest size most home sewing machines can handle.

Polyester Thread Specials - Size 92  (Equivalent to Tex 90 Govt Size F)
Use needle sizes 110/18 to 125/20.
Specials - Polyester Thread - Sizes 138 to 207

Polyester Thread Specials - Size 138  Equivalent to Tex 135 Govt Size FF)
Use needle sizes 125/20 to 140/22.

Polyester Thread Specials - Size 207  (Equivalent to Tex 210 Govt Size 3-Cord)
Use needle sizes 140/22 to 180/24.