robison-anton thread

Robison-Anton is our flagship embroidery thread. We sell all colors and all sizes of their polyester, rayon, Moonglow, "J" Metallic, variegated, Twister Tweed, and spun polyester thread. We offer Color Cards for polyester and rayon at cost, have Color Conversion Charts  for many other brands, and a free R/A Catalogue Download.

Robison-anton polyester embroidery thread Robison-Anton's Super Brite Polyester is made from 40 weight, trilobal polyester yarn in over 450 colors. Many believe that it is the best all-purpose embroidery thread because of its bright colors, strength, color fastness and washability, perfect stitches, and fewer breaks.


Robison-anton rayon embroidery thread Robison-Anton's Super Strength Rayon is a 40 weight twisted thread that comes in over 370 brilliant colors. It is ideal for embroidery applications that call for high luster and silky, smooth feel (or hand). It is processed from imported, top-quality, high tenacity (strength) rayon filament. This results in a superior sewing, fewer thread breaks, and excellent stitch appearance.


Robison-anton moonglow embroidery thread Robison-Anton's Moonglow is a long lasting glow-in-the-dark thread that comes in eight florescent colors that recharge in available light. It is made from a twisted polyester multifilament thread with good abrasion resistance. Florescence lasts through about 50 washes
Robison-anton metallic embroidery thread Robison-Anton's 'J' Metallic thread is used for embroidery, embellishment, and decorative applications. It comes in 24 very high luster colors that make stitches standout. Its nylon core makes it a strong, durable, easy-sewing thread that can be used with bleach. This thread should not be confused with metal reinforced threads (like  Kevlar)  that are used in industrial applications
Robison-anton variegated embroidery thread

Robison-Anton's Super Strength Variegated Rayon is a 40 weight twisted thread that comes in 29 special 3-color and 4-color combinations. This makes embroidery look like it is changing color as the eye moves. It is a great way to create a focal point in any application.

Robison-anton twister tweed embroidery thread Robison-Anton's Twister Tweed gives your work a two-tone, textured look and comes in 29 special two-color combinations. It is made from the same high-quality, high-strength imported rayon Use it in applications where a silky luster and soft hand are desired.
Robison-anton spun polyester thread Robison-Anton Super Spun Polyester is a general purpose, middleweight (Tex 35) sewing thread that comes on 700 yard mini-spools. This thread normally sells for $3.00 a spool. It is on closeout priced because Robison-Anton has replaced it with its matte finish Excel and Perma Core products. It is not embroidery thread.

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