Thread, needles, and bobbins at half price or less. Great deals on nylon, Kevlar, fire retardant, monofilament, embroidery, bank line, and binder twine
Embroidery Closeouts
Embroidery Grab Bags

Half Price Organ Needles

Closing out Organ needles at half-price. Limited selection of HAx1, DBx1, DBxK5, and other needles.

Half-Price Bobbins

Style A, G, L, M, and MA bobbins at half price. The boxes are battered, but the bobbins are just fine.

Mixed Nylon / Polyester Partials

Mixed nylon and polyester thread $2.50 a pound. Spools are unwrapped, mostly unlabeled, and may be slightly soiled. 50-pound box for $100.

Half Price Kevlar 

Kevlar thread in odd sizes for half price. Middleweight and heavyweight selections. Great for hand sewing, reinforcing, and hanging. No CERTS available.

White Nylon - Size 69 - $5 Lb.

Natural, off-white, nylon thread on 6-inch tubes. Size 69 / tex 70. 1 Lb cone for $5; 5 cones for $20.

$10 A&E Cotton Thread Cones

Giant, 12,000-yard, cones of A&E cotton thread for $10 each.

Large Embroidery Floss - $10

Large, 1 Lb., cones of decorative embroidery floss for $10 a cone.

Foliage Green Nomex

Fire retardant spun Nomex, Tex 60 (middleweight), foliage green. 12 Oz cone for $20, Case of 10 for $100.

Bank Line Cord - 4 Lbs for $32

Four pounds of mixed size of bank line cord for $32. Great for netting, survival packs, snares, hand sewing. 

Half-Price Tandy Lacing 

Round leather lacing and flat deerskin lacing at half proce.

Binder / Baler Twine

Binder twine the duct tape of the string world. 10,000 yards for $10.

Giant Monofilament Canisters

Size .006 / Tex 18 clear monofilament canisters. 74,000 yards for $20.

Embroidery Closeouts

$3 Embroidery King Spools

Embroidery king spools, rayon and polyester for $3. Over 100 colors. 30 Weight Rayon,  40 Weight Rayon,  40 Weight Polyester

King Spool Cases - $12


Salus rayon embroidery king spools $12 for a case of 12. About 100 colors; mostly 30 weight.

$3 ARC Rayon 

ARC (Melco) rayon embroidery thread on 5,500-yard king spools. About 75 colors for $3 each.

$6 Madeira Embroidery Thread 

Madeira rayon and polyester embroidery thread on 5500-yard king spools for $6 a spool. Just 40 colors left.

$6 Sylko Polyester

Sylko polyester embroidery thread on 5500-yard king spools for $6 a spool. About 20 colors left.

$1  Mini Spools

Mixed brands of rayon embroidery thread on 1100-yard mini spools for $1.00 each.

$1.50 Robison-Anton Spun Polyester

Robison-Anton spun polyester sewing thread on 700-yard mini spools. Use for garment sewing and repair. $1.50 each.

$10 Metallic Thread King Cones

Metallic embroidery thread on large 5500-yard cones. Just four colors left. Closeout price $24.

$4 Variegated Embroidery Thread

Variegated rayon embroidery thread. Peacock 3,300-yard king spools for $4; giant 25,000 cones for $10.

$4 Tweed Embroidery Thread 

Peacock, two-tone tweed embroidery thread on 2750-yard king spools for $6 a spools.

$2 Schiffli Embroidery Thread

Originally used by giant embroidery machines now repurposed for hand embroidery and some machines. Single spools for $2; 20 spools of the same color $15.

Embroidery Grab Bags

All Grab Bags

Avid sewers here is an inexpensive way to build a thread stash. For example, you get 5 to 7 partial embroidery thread cones for $2 a pound

Embroidery Partial Spools - $2 Lb.


Mixed brand embroidery thread partial spool grab bag for $2 a Lb. Spools are unwrapped. Expect 5 to 7 spools per pound

Sewing Partial Spools - $2 Lb. 

Partial spun polyester spools for $2 a Lb. Spools are unwrapped, mixed brands. 3 to 5 spools per pound

Robison-Anton Rayon - 10 Spools $30

Robison-Anton rayon embroidery thread 40-weight, 5500-yard king spool grab bag. 10 wrapped spools for $30. A $140 value.

ARC Rayon - 15 Spools for $20

ARC rayon, 40 weight, 5500-yard king spool grab bag. 15 wrapped spools for $20. A $45 value.

Robison-Anton Spun Polyester - 20 Spools $15

Robison-Anton spun polyester sewing thread grab bag. 700-yard mini spools. 20 spools for $15. A $30 value.

A&E Signature Polyester - 15 Spools $30

A&E Signature polyester 40-weight, 5500-yard king spool grab bag. 15 spools for $30. A $90 value.

.Schiffli Embroidery Thread - 20 Spools $20

Schiffli rayon embroidery thread, 30-weight for $4 a pound. Great for large areas and hand sewing. 4 spools per pound.