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About Monocord Nylon and Polyester Thread

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monocord vs twisted thread

Most of our nylon and polyester threads are twisted multi-filament threads. They are made from continuous filaments that are twisted together into a cohesive bundle and plied to make them into thread as shown on the top.

Monocord thread is made by bonding, hair-thin continuous nylon or polyester filaments together. They have very little twist and look like a flat, ribbon-like single cord as shown on the bottom.

Monocord and multi-filament thread work equally well most of the time. Monocord is 10% to 14% stronger, tends to run smoother and requires fewer needle changes. But, retensioning is usually required when switching between monocord and multi-filament thread. There are situations where monocord is a better choice:
  • Double needle machines - You need to use left twist and right twist thread regular thread. With monocord you can use the same thread in both needles because it has little twist.
  • Low profile stitching - Monocord works better when you want to bury the stitches into fabric or leather to reduce friction as shown on the right.
  • Bi-directional stitching - Monocord runs smoother making switching directions easier.
low profile sewing
Some of our monocord threads have these features:
  • Non Wicking - The thread is treated to retard water absorption. This is helpful when you are sewing things that are left outdoors. But, it only helps if the fabric is water repellant.
  • UV Rated - The thread is coated to minimize the effect of sunlight.