Bobbin styles A, G, L, M, and U. Over 100 half-price selections. Free bobbin style template guide.
Bobbins save time and improve productivity for serious sewing. Buying the right bobbin comes down to knowing your machine's bobbin style (diameter and height), along with the size and type of thread wound on the bobbin. We make this easier with our and Machine / Style Reference and printable Prewound Bobbin Style Guide in pdf format for visual matching.
Code Color Description
Bobbins-Half-Price Bobbins - Half Price
Over 100 half-price bobbin selections. Some boxes are battered, but the bobbins are in great shape.
bobbins-style-a Bobbins - Style A / Type 15
Style A / Type 15 bobbins are sometimes called universal bobbins. They are used with home and small commercial machines for garment sewing and embroidery.
bobbins-style-g Bobbins - Style G
Style G bobbins are typically used in small and mid-sized commercial sewing machines for sewing garments, fabrics, leather, and upholstery.
bobbins-style-l Bobbins - Style L
Style L bobbins are typically used with home sewing embroidery and small commercial sewing machines
bobbins-style-m Bobbins - Style M
Style M bobbins are typically used on mid-sized and large commercial machines for sewing heavy fabric, canvas, upholstery, and leather.
bobbins-style-u Bobbins - Style U
Style U bobbins are typically used with heavy duty commercial machines for sewing thick fabric, upholstery and leather.
bobbins-style-41 Bobbins - Style 41
Style 41 Bobbins for heavy duty machines
bobbins-style-58 Bobbins - Style 58
Style 58 Bobbins for heavy duty machines
bobbins-style-d Bobbins - Style D
Style D Bobbins - Limited selection.
bobbins-style-f Bobbins - Style F
Style F Bobbins - Limited selection.
bobbins-style-ma Bobbins - Style MA
Style MA Bobbins are typically used with mid-sized and heavy duty machines
bobbins-style-n Bobbins - Style N
Style N Bobbins - Limited selection