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Aurifil Cotton Publications and Brochures

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Aurifil has several publications that provide helpful information about their thread. Click on any publication to download it to your computer. Then view or print it any time.

Aurifil Product Guide - Great information about all Aurifil threads - cotton, wool, floss, and monofilament.

Aurifil Cotton Color Brochure - A printable version of the Aurifil Color Card.

Aurifil Cotton RGB Values - Knowing a color's RGB (Red / Green / Blue ) makeup gives you a more precise way  to match thread and fabric. Use a program like Code Beauty to convert Aurifil's colors to Pantone (TM) colors. Or, use a program like Image Color Picker to identify the colors to any internet image and then compare it to Aurifil's thread colors.

Aurifil 40 / 3 Cotton - Learn about Aurifil's newest cotton thread. It's called Forty3 and is a 40-weight / 3-ply thread designed to today's high speed Longarm machines.

Longarm Thread Reference - A one-page description of the technical characteristics of Aurifil's threads